SustainaDAO Digital Art Collection

"The Enemy of Nature"

– Shangxi Wu, 19, US (NFT Reserved)


– Sophie Wu, 10, China

"People, flying high"

– Jounghwa Cho, 47, US

"Saving the planet"

– Wilson (Anfeng) Xie, 15, US

"Live Together"

– Yaxin Deng, 15, US


– Xingrong Zhan, 17, China

"Scavenger of Human Sorrow"

– Yitian Zhou, 21, China

"Guan Yu"

– Zhenyu Liu, 17, China

"The balance of sustainability"

– Isabella Wang, 16, US

"Grace of humanity"

– Kattie Jo, 13, US

"Climate Change"

– Shungen Honkura, 16, US

"Saving African Wildlife"

– Shangxi Wu, 19, US (NFT Reserved)

"Technology disrupt nature"

– Yunyu Chen, 16, China

"City meets nature"

– Vandon Duong, 26, US

"eco woman"

– Dantong Zhang, 22, HongKong

"People & Animal (right)"

– Nuo Xu, 22, China

"People & Animal (left)"​

– Nuo Xu, 22, China

"Hope for anti-pollution"

– Claire Wang, 9, US

"Nature woman"

– Elise Hu, 14, US

"Save the ocean"

– Suri Li, 11, US

"Enhance Child Cancer Awareness"

– Suri Li, 11, US


– Yaci Li, 18, US (NFT Reserved)

"Peace of Mind"

– Joe Tang, 16, US

"The Mega City"

– Qiyi Cai, 19, China

"The Digital Square"


-Sanghyo Park (13), Kattie Jo (13), and Joshua Ryu (13), US

"The Digital Square- Part1"

– Joshua Ryu, 13, US

"The Digital Square- Part2"

– Kattie Jo, 13, US

"The Digital Square- Part3"

– Sanghyo Park, 13, US

"Magical world without wildfires"

– Ada Xin, 9, US

"Animal Band"

– Summer Xu, 9, US

"Power of nature"

– Ayaka Daito, 8, US

SustainaDAO Diamond pass Nft

We plan to offer 10,000 Diamond Passes based on the winning artworks. Owners of the Diamond Pass will be able to access a variety of future benefits, such as training/webinars, free token drops, and so on.

How to get this pass:
  • We will giveaway 1000 tickets to early DAO members and contributors.Claim one!
  • You can also buy it directly on Opensea to support our DAO.

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