About this artwork

Saving African Wildlife

Creator: Shangxi Wu, 19 years old, US

This drawing expresses my eagerness to save the African wildlife. In the middle of the picture, there is the body of a zebra; below it is a pair of elephant tooth, and also a single rhinoceros’s horn. The fur of the zebra, the rhinoceros’ horn, and the elephant teeth show why people hunt these lovely animals. By the zebra, there is a patch of green and yellow indicating what the grass of Africa should be. At the top, there is a patch of red and orange as well as guns. In between the two patches, there is a face of one of the hunters meaning that mankind is the biggest threat to land and wildlife of Africa. Wildlife trafficking, poaching, and hunting are big businesses. The poaching of wildlife—such as elephants for ivory, and rhinos for their horn—is on the rise and threatening the very survival of these species. I love the black and white markings of zebras. I love the long noses and big ears of elephants. I love wild animals. I hope that through my drawing, everyone will pay more attention to the native environment in Africa. Stopping wildlife poaching, trafficking and demand, let us save the African wildlife.

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