About this artwork

The enemy of Nature

Creator: Shangxi Wu, 19 years old, US

This piece is a round drawing artwork. Unlike other rectangle or square drawings, this piece has no direction, which means the viewers can appreciate the artwork from any angle. The piece’s theme is to express the hunting and oppression of wild animals by humans. In addition to struggling wild animals, there are a lot of hunting tools and animal carcasses (skulls) in the composition. The hunting tools include shotguns, bullets, bows and arrows, snake traps, and hunting knives; they represent the threat and harm humans inflict on wildlife. The carcasses(skulls) represent species that have become endangered or extinct due to human over-hunting. Many animals do not have many natural predators and thrived in natural environments until humans started inventing advanced weapons. Suddenly the hunter became the prey. As society progressed, many countries rose to power and were at the top of the “food chain,” We slowly started to overpower nature. However, with coronavirus and the many issues, we have faced since 2020, your country’s power does not matter. Just like how we overpowered nature, nature is now overpowering us. The creator hopes this artwork will make the viewers think about the relationship between humans and nature and reflect on human beings’ killing of wild animals. The creator hopes this work can make people stop killing wild animals wantonly, and protect wild animals and the natural environment.

NFT on Opensea

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