About this artwork


Creator: Yaci Li, 18 years old, US
This piece centers around a sustainable greenhouse called Eden in reference to the Garden of Eden in the Old Testament Book of Genesis. The garden of Eden was an earthly paradise inhabited by Adam and Eve. With a rich assortment of food grown within the garden and plenty of shade to rest under, the Garden of Eden provided everything’s humans beings need to live. The idea of self sufficiency corresponds to that of sustainability which involves the integration of environment, health, social equity, and economic vitality in order to create a thriving, healthy, diverse, and resilient community for this generation and generations to come. From this artwork, the creator wants to depict a future in which children can be free to roam around enveloped nature, a feat only possible if we practice sustainability and preserve natural resources for the future generations.

NFT on opensea

We minted this artwork into NFT, and you can buy it on Opensea. Opensea Link